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Osome2osome spring summer 2016 collection

The osome2osome brand founders designers Natalia Busakova and Anna Andrienko from St. Petersburg create a simple, clear and easy for perception clothes, without trying to charm plenty of intricate prints and sophisticated color combinations the viewers and potential buyers. Meanwhile bright accents hasn’t alien to them. See a collection, inspired by new fashion feats, draw ideas for wardrobe …

Osome2osome spring summer 2016 collection Photos

osome2some osome2some1 osome2some2 osome2some6 osome2some7 osome2some8 osome2some9 osome2some10 osome2some11 osome2some12 osome2some13 osome2some14 osome2some15 osome2some16 osome2some17 osome2some18 osome2some19 osome2some20 osome2some21 osome2some22 osome2some23 osome2some24 osome2some25 osome2some26

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