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Prom dress floor length 2013 (25 photos)

Choosing dresses for graduation 2013, girls should certainly take account of their body type, height, complexion. It would seem that long dress is not as picky about the form of the legs and waist size as a short, but there are some nuances. In addition, the fashion every season brings some changes in styles, colors and details.

By the way, thanks to the fashion appeared dress with asymmetric hem, with a flex cable (short in front – long back), and sew together of multilayer principle, where over a short corset dress, wearing a skirt, made of chiffon, tulle or organza. In design can also be present a slit, combination of fabrics of different textures and colors, original decorative elements and ornaments, because it is so attained unique individuality of attire. These models are, perhaps, the most current in this season.

Prom dress floor length 2013 with asymmetrical hem and multilayer models – Photo:


Dresses for graduation 2013 long: Greek style and form-fitting model with a deep slit

Dress 2013 in a Greek style always has been a great success at parties by flowing, lush draperies and light fine fabrics.This year’s model complemented finished under precious stones, abstract and floral patterns on the fabric. Actual color in pastel palette, coloring – juicy, spring.

Most fitting styles complemented with deep slit, which adds some sexuality in the image and allows profitable show beautiful legs.


Prom dress floor length 2013 with a corset

This type of dress chosen confident and bold. Corset dotted with stones, embroidered with beads or sequins, but not all models of attention is drawn to the top of the dress. In many – that emphasis to the lower part, which is achieved by a fluffy skirt, drapes or flounces. Sometimes appears bright accent belt, embroidered with stones.


Prom dress floor length 2013 – Photos:


A Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

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