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Retrograde story in the Design SCENE Magazine’s January 2016

Viewing the fashion photo shoot in the magazine for beautiful women the opportunity to radically change everything, to make a revolution in his own image. It is considering the many magazine photo stories we get a boost of energy for their own personal transformation. Fashion is cyclical and that we were 30-50 years ago certainly return to the list of fashion trends and again we see in the magazines retro images.


Just keep in mind, taking as a basis the idea of the past, designers added a fair number of modern touches to each costume ensemble. Let’s see how it looks in reality. Fashion photographer Sanne Grasdijk captured one of these retrograde stories for the January issue of the Design SCENE Magazine with model Gigi starring. Well, of course not without sponsors, fashion brands and department stores that provided clothing from their collections, River Island, Paula Reichert, Falke, H&M, Zara, Topshop, CarlijnGubbens, Pieces, Maskworld, Coach.


More journal photos:


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