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Sergey Sysoev Spring Summer 2016 collection Photos

16.10.15 at the Moscow Fashion Week was shown a new collection of Russian designer Sergey Sysoev, created for the spring-summer 20156 season. Defile was held in Gostiny Dvor. Combining the latest trends with visual codes of previous decades fashion codes, designer showed one of the most original collections. The designer as if looked in the history books of art and copied what they saw their own words, taking as a basis for such a course in painting as Vorticism.


The painters who worked in this technique, depicted subjects, in a particular way, using broken lines, complex, blurred lines and shapes. The same method of connection of colors, patterns, silhouettes, geometric shapes used Sergey Sysoev. Optical effect in print, which was the result of mixing paints, emphasize the color contrast between the industrial gray, antique white and deep red. All images on the cloth prints are authoring, however, as the bulk bows, adorning some wardrobe items in collection.

Sergey Sysoev Spring Summer 2016 collection Photos


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