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Shades of red lipstick – How to choose? (119 Photos)

All shades of red color can not be enumerated: violet-red, berry, dark red wine, maroon-purple, coral, cherry, carrot, raspberry, purple, fuchsia, beet, brick… it’s not possible to imagine a woman, who once of hers life did not buy a red lipstick. But still is the girls, who consider, that it not suitable for them. Whether so it? Will try to find out.

First of all, going on the hunt for red lipstick, you should determine the tone of your skin. In this case will help two pieces of fabric: silver and gold coloration. Your task is to determine in that backdrop (gold or silver), your skin looks more advantageous. 

When the gold color is suitable for your skin tone (warm coloring) should choose the warm red gamma with yellow pigment: carrot, brick, coral …

When silver is suitable for face skin (cool coloring) need to select red shades with a bluish tone: raspberry, wine, cherry …

But that’s not all, is no less important that is appearance contrast.

Now let’s see which variants are suitable for different color of hair, eyes and skin appearance.

Red lipstick for blondes with brown, gray, blue and green eyes


Shades of brown-haired women with brown eyes


Blue eyes and red lipstick


Grey eyes…


Red lipstick for brunettes


Warm Shades


Cold shades of red lipstick]


Different types of appearance coloring and red lipstick


As you can see shades of red lipstick is very much, as a women with a different type of appearance. Only important is to choose a right shade for yourself.

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