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Short female haircuts 2012

Feminity, naturalness, sexuality, youthfulness – these are the qualities that characterize a short hairstyle 2012.

This season short cut nape should be completed with long slanting bang.

Hairstyles with long hair on nape and tapering of locks are also in fashion now. Long hair on a nape create an elegant and accurate image, thus this hairstyle is easy to set.

The asymmetric hairstyle and stylish image go hand-in-hand for several seasons already, the novelty for this season should be considered short cut asymmetric Bob.

Short female haircuts 2012 – pictures:


Bob hairstyle is not that extreme as Pixie haircut; Bob is designed more for ladies preferring accurate round forms.

The feature of a season is the combination of Bob and bright hair color. Bob with thin-out bang creates a touching and naive image, but the equal edges of rounded bang make a person look more patrician.

Such hairstyle will not look good with rectangular or round face.


Expressive, bright and effective hairstyles: boyish Pixie, short Bob, glamorous interpretations of Sason hairstyles – they all are created for smooth set and bright color.

But remember these hairstyles will look good on ladies with small features and won’t look good on ladies in later life.

Hairstyles for short hair 2012 – How to set?

Short symmetric hairstyles have to go hand-in-hand with smooth set and twisted tips downwards.

For an asymmetric hairstyle with long slanting bang – built a mohawk and comb your hair forward or use some gel to lift them upwards.

You don’t have to have long hair to twist and curl them moreover light natural curls are on the peak of fashion right now.

This season short hairstyle has gained its popularity owing to the female things used for setting short hair. Curling irons, hair driers, gels and hairsprays – all of them are vital accessories for setting your hair.

Halle Berry-like hairstyle is in fashion right now; her playful hairdo with curls sticking out in different sides looks very feminine!


Yana Fomina for “Gorod Mod” Magazine

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