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Short haircuts and hairstyles 2015 (111 photos)

Today we take a tour of the trends and tendencies of hair fashion. Will talk about short haircuts 2015. Short hairstyle choice – it is always change and update. It will give a special charm to your image or add creative notes, but in any case will not remain unnoticed. Before heading to the salon for change, let’s define what is relevant in this year. Gorod Mod Magazine offers 14 trendy hairstyles for short hair 2015:

1. Creative, with clear contours, smooth texture and asymmetry


2.The blunt cut on straight hair + smooth bangs


3. Graduated square bob + bangs


4. Short bob with beveled bangs on smooth or wavy hair structure


5. Textured bob + thick slanting bang


6. Ultra short bob with clear contours and thick bangs


7. Hairstyle with long beveled, textured bangs


8. Stylish, haircuts with the shorn side part


9. Textured and layered hairstyle with soft contours


10. In androgynous style, smooth and textured


11. Short hairstyles in grunge style


12. Haircuts with thick, round bangs


13. Voluminous, rounded, layered haircut


14.Нairstyles with long side-locks


Gorod Mod Magazine warns – too bold experiments with length add to your image charm and creativity, so you need to think about this very carefully!

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