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Short haircuts for 2014 – 109 photos

Asymmetry, gradual strands, precise geometry, colored nuances, ragged and uneven edge,techniques combination – here are just a few current hairdressing coming year methods. Image with a short length of hair in this year as though on the edge between sexuality, easy impudence, audacity on one side and femininity, elegance, neatness on the other side.


Haircuts with geometry 

A clear geometry in short hairstyles supported by the play of color, it may be mono-saturated shades, coloring in natural and artificial colors, staining of separate locks. Fashionable color in this case plays a decisive role: brandy color or a juicy caramel, mysterious cold purple or bright fiery redhead, warm, rich blond or dramatic blue-black, juicy mahogany or cold ash.


Short Bob Hairstyles 2014

At the peak of popularity retro styling with a smooth texture and waves, created on the basis of short and regrown Bob haircuts. Stylists will also add an asymmetric parts, creative strands and contrasting lines in bob haircuts, thereby giving them a more modern and extravagant look.


Haircuts “Grunge” and  80’s hairstyles 

Popular For the past few seasons style “Grunge” is still in vogue and is presented in two ways: in “original form” and an improved model, which has a completed shape, when careless, disheveled styling combined with a light curls.


2014 Short Haircuts making 

In fashion now is everything, related to the asymmetry and alternation lengths in a variety of interpretations. There is also involved textured strands, giving any hair movement and volume, as well as color contrasts adding. On one side in this season fashion “broke into” elegant and at the same time creative, decorated at ear bob types hairstyles with a clear outline. On the other – relevant and progressively designed, free, easy, with no smooth edge, slightly more elongated haircuts from 80’s.


Extravagant hairstyles for short hair

Punk hairstyle will create extravagant and vivid image. This option assumes that the minimum length at the back and sides and long enough texture from head to bang. Styling here may be a different, you can select in the top of a spectacular mohawk or put hair to one side.


Youth ultra short haircuts 2014

Youth hair fashion categorical and more extreme, so to speak. If are to get a haircut, then absolutely shortly. If the color necessarily artificial: green, blue, purple, pink nuances or bright ashy blond. In any case, the image of youth vivid, memorable and at the same time sweet and romantic.


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