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Haw to choose dress style for short women?

With help of fashion can solve many problems, including low growth problem and right pick up clothes turn growth in the dignity. Advantages, believe me, there is every type of the figure. Well, for example, low skinny girls look fragile, delicate, graceful, subtle, and it is worth emphasizing. Therefore, choosing clothes, they can not hide for long lush skirts, voluminous raglan sleeves and straight silhouette. It is better to focus on the fine fabrics (satin, silk, jersey) and a fitted silhouette. In addition to clothing should be no large part (large patch pockets, wide massive zone), that on such girls will look large. Large print and accessories division silhouette or color can also play with the figure a cruel joke. But still not worth it to reject prints at all, should try it at the home and find successful.


The main solution to ideal proportions of the dress short woman – is rules observance – top always more narrow than bottom. That is why, sometimes even long dresses of the flowing fabric look are so perfectly at the low girls.

How to reach proportions of the dress,to look taller, slimmer and harmonious? We try to emphasize your upper body, this will help: overestimated waist, slim waist belt, no sleeves, decorative items at the top, form-fitting top and flared bottom. All of which makes top of the narrower and drawn silhouette.


Let’s look at the little black dress with the belt above waist, which, thanks to the light, iridescent fabrics will give a winner fragile image.


Small details in the upper part of the dress with seeking up silhouette perfectly will present lack of the growth, ruffles, flounces, decorative vertical joints and other successful parts subtly accentuate curves of the body, making figure more elongated and slender.

Dress-case subject to right-matched shoes also pulls up silhouette. You can also experiment with a dress color. In deciding what color to give preference, should be noted, that the low girls are very suitable dark and bright saturated colors, which make them more visible and brighter.


Cutting silhouette dresses models, monophonic version design accentuate slim little woman. Small graphic print on the dress, in the case of well-chosen picture, capable makes necessary changes in the shape perception. _

The ensemble, made in the one color, very advantageous especially emphasize low girl. Long dresses preferably selected with the high waist and slightly flared at the bottom. How low is the best fit short trapeze dress, it subtly hides imperfections and evens hip ratio.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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