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Sweaters for women 2012-2013

Autumn has come, that means it’s time to “insulate” yourself; for this purpose it’s not necessary to buy a huge set of warm things. Designers advise you to get a good decent sweater.
The warm jersey is intended for fall when the outer clothing is not required yet. For the winter is better to choose light and thin sweater because “warming role” play fur coats and coats.
Sweaters for women 2012-2013 on density should be thin and are capable to be worn under coat or down parka, which is already warm. Consider that in winter it is going to be very warm if you wear both down parka and warm sweater at the same time.

Charlotte Ronson

Сhado Ralph Rucci, Balenciaga

Сusto Barcelona, Dsquared2

How to buy a fashionable and qualitative sweater?

For this case fashionable designers have shown complete sets of warm sweaters and fur waistcoats, coats and sweaters of dense knitting. Still modern style «Hand Made» on podium is skilfully meshed with elegant classics and glamor. The most basic criterion when choosing female sweaters is material. Natural components, certainly, are beyond competition, so the most optimum version for the fall-winter period is wool. The main thing to remember – the more artificial additives are added, the lower is the quality of sweater.

 Diesel Black Gold, DKNY

 Сhloe, Balenciaga

 Unique, Vanessa Bruno

Don’t forget that many people have allergy on wool from which the body can start to itch. If you suffer from this problem is better to choose a sweat-shirt from viscose as it’s very soft and does not cause similar reactions.
Sweaters made of synthetic materials are also very warm but they don’t pass air, therefore there can be formed so-called «effect of a steam room». It is known that synthetics quickly loses its form, rolls down, thus can detain smell, and dirt badly washes off. Therefore purchase of a qualitative sweater is not only prestige business but also a parameter of the future quality.

Vivienne Westwood, Sacai



Maison Martin Margiela, Tracy Reese

The material of which the sweater is made should be predictable otherwise sweater can be shop-soiled after one wet wash. Study the label with recommendations on care of a product.
When choosing sweater, pay attention to any extended hitches and loops, – these are defects for which it is necessary to ask for discount. When purchasing don’t forget to examine given product on the inside, check up seams and be sure all the threads are cut. Otherwise the product can soon be dismissed, that is not so pleasant.
Qualitative 100% wool cannot be cheap, and synthetic products may be expensive only if they’re made by eminent designers. Therefore before purchase properly examine a product and define a parity of quality and its price.

Malandrino, LAMB

 Marni, LAMB

 Barbara Bui


If it is wool indeed, the material is usually very soft and not prickly. Try it to the touch and listen to yourself in relation to quality of a product; comfort should be on the first place.
Happens so that you liked some sweater in the shop but it is knitted of prickly wool and you cannot bear it. In this case, it is necessary to refuse the purchase, in fact it will prick even if you put it on the most dense polo-neck.
If you wish to wear knitted piece of clothes on a naked body, try it on than; pleasant to touch item will serve you long time, unlike uncomfortable one which will simply lie on the top shelf of wardrobe.
To become an owner of fashionable sweater, it is necessary to familiarize with tendencies on that score.
 Photos from fashionable collections will help you with the choice.


 Barbara Bui, Givenchy

Cacharel, Carven


Сhloe, Barbara Bui


Felipe Oliveira Baptista, DKNY

 Fendi, DKNY

 Holly Fulton


 Issa, Jil Stuart

Jonathan Saunders

 Just Cavalli, Sacai

 Karen Walker, Gulietta

 Karen Walker, Isabel Marant



Louis Vuitton, Max Mara

 Malandrino, Kira Plastinina

Nanette Lepore, Nina Ricci

 Nina Ricci, Paul Smith

 Phillip Lim, Milly


 Stephen Burrovs, Suno

Tracy Reese


Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine 

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