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Swimming trunks 2013

Beach is a place where a man can not only show what he has accomplished in the long workouts in the sports club, but also to participate in the competitions in beach volleyball, go surfing, or play with his friends in football. All this presupposes the existence of a beach fashion a sporting swimwear, here are also suitable bathing shorts, the models for surfing or boxers. The colors of men’s swimming trunks 2013 usually displays the marine theme, exotic, as well abstract prints in natural colors.

Swimming trunks 2013 – Photos


Design and details

Basic colors Men’s Swimming trunks 2013: blue, red, black this season generally complements very manly detail – a contrast stripe of fabric, It can be white or red edging, or vertical trim strip in the central part of swimming panties, or stripes on the sides. Famous designers tends to create a concise model of men’s swimming trunks 2013 with a single detail: image of the brand name or logo.


As for styles, there prevails low landing, shorts given more preference than the classic swimming panties. Of finishing used: cutoff belt the fixing strap, side incisions, edging, trouser stripes and lettering and badges.

How to choose the right swimwear?

In choosing a men’s swimming trunks 2013 to consider a few important points. Men swimwear must meet a man on the status, age, type of figure. Choose swimming panties, but like all the clothes, in the appropriate to your age and price point store. Do not allow to swimwear too much crashed and pressured, therefore the determining criterion in the swimming trunks purchase must be properly selected size. Free cut can be only beach shorts, other models should be moderately fit to the body. High models is not in vogue, any model should be sit perfectly on the hips. And of course, the quality and comfort are the basic components of a pleasant spending time on the beach.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

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