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Swimsuits for body type

Types of female figures

Form of female silhouette made to compare with geometrical figures. All this is due with the volume the waist, hips, chest and shoulders. Total distinguish 6 different shapes: “triangle”, “inverted triangle”, “rectangle”, “hourglasses”, “rhombus”, “oval”.


When choosing clothes can be a little bit, and sometimes much correct a figure, capable of it even a properly selected swimsuit.

1. Swimsuit for “triangle”

We approximate the silhouette to figure of “hourglass”. For this purpose we select:


  • with classic wide shoulder straps
  • swimsuit “Bando” with drapery
  • top finishing top with ruffles and flounces
  • rounded swimsuit bra


  • one-piece model without shoulder straps with high necklines of the sides
  • concise swimming trunks, well as models with contrasting vertical inserts on the sides
  • bottom in the shape of a triangle
  • swimming trunks on thin tie closure
  • wide high swimming trunks


2. Swimsuit for “Inverted triangle”

It is important to draw attention away from broad shoulders, so will suit:


  • bright colors of swimsuit
  • top with the strap across the neck
  • V-neck neckline
  • top with an one asymmetric shoulder strap


  • drapery finishing, ruffles, flounces
  • horizontal pattern on the swimming trunks
  • shorts or low broad swimming trunks
  • swimming trunks with a skirt


3. Swimsuit for “rectangle”

When women “Rectangles”choosing attire for the beach must take into account height and build as a whole. But the main thing here is to create an effect of femininity, to simulate the soft curves of body. The format of the top and bottom will fit any. Boyish figure would require draping on the bodice and swimming trunks. “Rectangle” with large breasts should choose a swimsuit with ruffles and drapes on the swimming trunks, but the top we left concise. For this shape is also good one-piece bathing attire with vertical and diagonal decorative details.


4. Swimsuit for the figure “hourglass”

Figure of the “hourglass” is usually proportional, but breasts can be quite large, and wide hips, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the details, so as not to add volume where it is already quite. This figure is generally suitable:


  • brassiere “push up”
  • top model with broad vertical shoulder straps
  • wide strap across the neck


  • swimming trunks-shorts
  • triangular swimming trunks and the triangular shape of the bra
  • low-slung swimming trunks
  • classical models


5. Swimwear for the figure “Rhombus”

The widest part here is wide, but shoulders and hips are narrow. It is suitable fused swimsuit that has a cutting bodice, for separate versions will approach low-swimming trunks-shorts with drapery on the sides. In general, to this type of figures going often the same model as the “rectangles”.  

Pick also sunglasses for the upcoming season hear: 


6. What to wear to the beach with a figure “oval”

Usually, women with such a figure choose one-piece swimsuit. The vertical lines and curves  on the one-piece bathing suit will help to correct a broad central part. In the case of separate suit models of bottom with a skirt, and the top of a broad vertical shoulder straps. Bra with V-neck or “Bando” we successfully complete with shorts with wide flounces.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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