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Teenage fashion 2012 for girls

Do you want to be a stylish girl and dress the way so your friends were jealous and amazed by your new look? You have to read this article than! Follow 10 most actual trends of nowadays fashion for teenagers, and be sure you look superb. So, what does the changeable fashion offer for courageous and not-so-courageous teenagers?

Teenage fashion 2012 for girls – 10 trends:

Trend 1

Metallic mini-dresses. Recently space-style dresses are being shown almost on every fashionable presentation and catwalks for teenagers. They could be also seen on the annual red carpet ceremony for Grammy. Such dresses – silvery, golden, as well as all the shades of copper – look smartly on every young skinny girl.


Trend 2

Cream-yellow shades. “Tasty” colors of butter and cream remind us of your favorite delicacies, these colors are on peak of popularity now in teen-fashion. It would be a good idea for you to buy some of these color clothes for your wardrobe, trust us it’s a hot topic right now.



Trend 3

Trapeze coat. Do you remember a coat with shoulder yoke and frills, the one that all the girls were wishing for? It’s out of fashion right now. Trapeze coat has replaced it. This coat will look amazing on every body shape as it covers and hides problem-zones, such as stomach, hips, and buttocks. So be sure you’re trendy and hip if you are a proud owner of trapeze coat!


Trend 4

High-heel footwear. Flats and low-heel footwear of course should take a place in every girls closet because of its convenience, however teenagers have to experiment with their new look. Most well-known designers like to put their long-legged models on high heels; that’s why their legs look infinitely long. It’s about time you buy some bright wedge shoes or lacquered shoes with wedge-sole and a spike. The desire of growing older and looking taller makes high-heel footwear pretty popular amongst girls of your age.


Trend 5

Wayfarer glasses. You probably don’t remember Tom Cruise’s character wearing those glasses in a movie “Taking chances” in the beginning of 80s, but such type of glasses are once again in fashion! Today western celebrities more and more often are wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. If you want to support this trend, you have to buy them or at least something similar. But remember even most stylish and fashionable glasses have to look good on you.


Trend 6

Loose fit jeans. Once famous Kate Moss put those jeans on for the first time, people realized it was something they all have been waiting for! All the fashionable magazines were filled with photos advertising new teen-trend, and all the fashionistas hastened to get a pair of new loose fit jeans. Kate Moss has always been one step ahead of fashion – it was always obvious. Everyone thought skinny jeans would never go out of fashion, at least for five years or so, but they have to move on; vacate place in your wardrobe for such jeans if you want to be on the peak of fashion.


Trend 7

Envelope bags. For the last few seasons there were only big bags on the front burner in teen-fashion; girls could put their cell-phone, beauty bag, some books and even some clothes in it. We can see that teen and women bags tend to minimize nowadays, ladies are sick and tired of carrying “weights”. Now more and more often we can see tiny bags-envelopes which earlier were considered to be an attribute of evening wardrobe. Those bags are small, feminine and elegant.


Trend 8

Evening mini-skirt. Yes, we are not mistaken, skirt not jeans, it should be a part of evening outfit. It’s a best way to show off your beautiful long legs. There are hundred of thousand of types of skirt – layered skirt made of chiffon, mini-skirt trapeze, fit snug skirt… You have to wear evening teen skirts with bright tops made of shiny fabrics. Sometimes you can put nontransparent leggings or tights beneath the skirt. You will look like a star in those!


Trend 9

Big plastic bracelets. Some girls love them, some girls hate them. Nevertheless, plastic bracelets were the ones that were used on the latest teen-catwalks inNew York. That means modern designers see something unique, something special in them, something no-one can see and understand. For better or the worth, big and bright plastic bracelets are still on the peak of popularity, they will make your outfit look special.


Trend 10

Cocktail rings. Do you want to look stylish indeed? You have to buy new big and bulky and “inflated” ring than! In fact big cocktail rings in this season remain an indispensable element of a teenage fashion. They mesh pretty well with any youth clothes. Both our and foreign celebrities like to put such rings on. Not only it’s fashionable, it’s also pretty stylish. You can put two, three and even more rings on, and don’t forget to put a bright colorful polish on.


When following fashion, do not lose your individuality, use also your own fantasies and ideas. Don’t forget the fashion is not created in heavens, it is created by people. It means you can add something special, something your own to the nowadays trend, why not? What’s important – don’t loose your individuality:

Try to emphasize those features of your body that you’re not ashamed of showing of

If you are courageous enough, choose bright and stylish clothes, don’t’ be afraid, teens can wear almost everything that might look silly on adults

Define your color type appearance – it will be easier to find good clothes for you…

Be courageous and follow the fashion!

Yana Fomina for “Gorod Mod” Magazine

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