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Teenager fashion 2013

Teenagers fashion trends 2013 direct special attention of teenage girls to bold expression of their own fashion vision. Communicating with each other, girls start to imitate her friend’s style and changing a few details create identical clothes sets. It was on this are built teen collection, where clothing and accessories made in one style. For those girls who prefer to be trendsetter in their own circle, are written this article. Youth brands have set up their collection according to the Spring Summer 2013 trends, but they are all so different, original and unusual, which, I think, will have to think about making a decision in favor of one of them. Review of teenage fashion would like to begin with two fairly democratic clothing brands: Denim line of R13 and Youth collection of H&M.

Jeans style never goes out of teen fashion and there is important quality denim. Collection of the Italian brand R13 made of Japanese luxury denim, using the original the Turquish dye. The result obtained jeans not too tight and not flexible (2% Lycra), which allows them to hold the form for a long time in all wearing process. In addition, in fabric processing each model gives the original flavor. And the rest of the clothing brand thought over to trifles in line with fashion season trends.

It is usually made up of teenage «Casual» with “Rock” style elements:

  • pants skins of imitated leather,
  • sneakers,
  • black rocker ankle boots with heels and a sharp nose,
  • leather jackets
  • knit tops with original images,
  • denim jackets, jeans, shorts.

Teenage fashion 2013 – R13 – Photos:


Looking for opportunities to show their joy, flirty and fun character should choose your focus on young collection of Swedish brand H & M. Thanks to designer Svea Kloosterhof, assortment of department received with “Didided girls” collection. The military trend is fashion summer hit of 2013, which is supported by camouflage shades of khaki this youth collection. Tight pants, shirts and jackets in military style, painted in graphic prints in shades of khaki, surprise particularly easy reading. Maxi dress with printed cat print, supplemented of high slits or mint-colored sweater with it’s same cat create a memorable image of a cute and cheeky teenage girl.

Two different styles: denim and military – only two faces of teenage fashion, about of rest faces read the following articles!

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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