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Things to wear with a leather jacket

Leather jacket – one of the basic things of contemporary woman’s wardrobe. A leather jacket  like wearing young girls and horny women. The young lady suit a rocker style jacket , and for older women should choose a more elegant model. Each of them wants to wear it on your own unique style. There are the 5 most popular things, which combined with a leather jacket. 

1. Feminine, romantic, elegant thing – this is a dress. These two things perfectly complement each other, subject to the rules of fashion, the appropriate style and length dresses.


2. Casual set: leather jacket and jeans. Almost all are wearing bundled with blouses, T-shirts, jumpers.


3. Extravagant, provocative, sexy: leather jacket and mini denim shorts


4. Stylish, fashionable, creative – maxi skirt and leather jacket.

5. Elegance, business, feminine style – leather jacket with pencil skirt


These five things look great, bundled with leather jacket, given their relevance to age, life event and figure. All genius is simple, and it all depends on the impression, which you want to make. Prefer elegant pencil skirt – a classic, which goes out of fashion, and to walk wearing a leather jacket with jeans. The dress is very versatile for all occasions, and the long skirt is more suitable for walking or visits with friends. As for denim shorts, they fit only to very young girls. Be always appropriate and you will be appreciated for excellent sense of style!


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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