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Ways to wear a black dress

Little black dress certainly the most demanded part of the 21st century women wardrobe, because around it can create a lot of clothes sets. Often black dress style is simple and this is precisely what has made it a popular solution for all occasions. Importantly choose the right model for your figure.
Before you make a choice of the dresses style and pick up its accessories, a jacket or coat, necessary to determine kind of impression you want to make in his suit, decide on the style, consider the image.
Ways to wear a black dress
I will share with you the observations of street fashion, some ideas from the stars, as well as some of my notions on this.
Impeccable taste is monochrome selection of accessories (red, pink, white, blue). As a result, you get two colors in a set and protect yourself from the stylistic mistakes.
Against the background of a simple little black dress looks rich gold in any form (jewelry, handbags, shoes) – a universal version.
Knowledgeable fashionistas can create more bolder sets (two or more colors), which will serve as a backdrop for the black dress.
For example: green soldier boots and a yellow raincoat.
To create a mysterious and elegant image To create a mysterious and elegant image suited completely black kits, that do no harm will be to add a bright coat or gold jewelry.

Black dress – Latest News from a podium
Featuring innovations in the genre of the little black dress on the podium always see some original ideas:

  • original accessory kit
  • finely selected style hats and coats,
  • bodily shoes under a black dress that lengthen legs
  • casually draped colorful scarf.

Classic combinations – black dress and red shoes, high heels looks very sexy.

A little black dress and a white trench coat

These two components of the wardrobe as the case may add the right accessories: weekend high heels, leather combat boots or ballet flats for every day.
Sunglasses, scarf, shawl, hat, bag, shoes – changing the style of these accessories, you can beat the infinitely different images and each time look for a new.

Black dress – Star Style

Pretty laconic black dress celebrities often complement expensive accessories: bright handbag Gucci, pearls, gold jewelry. In the daily life stars worn on top a Casual style jacket, black leather jackets, denim shirt, bright coat, sometimes costing only a bright pair of shoes, which is indicative of a great sense of style. Someone needs too much accessories, although it is considered bad manners, even the stars, still perfectly emphasizes individuality.

As a result, we can say that there are some solutions for the black dress:

  • create an exact copy of the seen image
  • obey own vision and create original kits
  • take the image of a fashion magazine and supplement it with individual features.

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Follow the fashion trends, and create on its basis own unique style!

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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