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What color go with red?

A very important point in drawing up a correct choice of wardrobe is harmonious everyday and holiday colors solutions. In addition, each season in the fashion is updated palette: different shades and combinations.


Recently, designers have not enough time given a red color in their collections, which according to the color wheel, opposite to green, what makes these colors to complement and reinforce each other. They were at correct selection combination of the colors looks very extravagant and even defiant. Such this effect to be applied only a deliberate bright contrast, when it is necessary to allocate a little extra color detail on the background of main.


Use triad of red, yellow and blue in the wardrobe should be very carefully. They must be separated by neutral colors: white, black, gray, beige, cream, brown.


Change the contrast effect can choose a more subdued tone. For this purpose perfectly suited related colors, located next to red on the wheel – it’s orange and crimson.

Ideal for combination to the red is cyan and light green shades (related to green in circle). There are colors that perfectly support any of highlights – is achromatic: gray, black, white. Of them is usually a neutral base wardrobe that will serve as the perfect backdrop for the any red clothes. In this case, use the suit in the wardrobe a neutral shades, adding to its red accessories, top or blouse .


Brown and shades – dark chocolate, hazelnut, coffee with milk perfectly in tune with red, which in turn adds more contrast and vibrant notes of the suit. Conversely, to the red dress, you can add accessories: bags, shoes, scarf in shades of the brown, soften some energy.
For accessories with red also great are black or white colors.


Sum up, adding to your wardrobe red thing, it is necessary:

1. Use it as a complementary neutral basic wardrobe item
2. Learn how to write sets of the related colors
3. Create skillful contrast combinations, using a neutral background, properly allocate accents.

What colors go with red ? – Photos:


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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