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What to wear to a work party?

Women and girls are going to corporate party is differently, here, all of course depends on many factors: goals for evening themes, company dress code, age, status, complexion. But still, there are some rules, that might help is all female. Let’s try to find a dress in according to these rules, but at the same time relying on latest fashion trends.

1. From work to party

Ordinary a work party, which takes place at a fast hand, in office, without invitation and dress code guidelines will require you a certain ingenuity. In this case, dress 2013 may be a conventional business: a case or model of direct style. But by putting it under the beautiful ornate shoes and flashy necklace adding a festive clutch, you’ll look quite appropriate to semi-business party.

This is a case where you might have to go to a corporate parties after a long day and transformation of ordinary everyday clothes in festive attire most advantageous for this situation. Use bold accessories. You should not only choose the most boring suit in your wardrobe, let it be fashionable colors: coffee with milk, blue-gray, black, red. In warmer months, is also worth to wear one of striking variations: blue, magenta, green, but in this case, do not overdo it with accessories. Suit and pastels, but they require accurate jewelry and memorable parts, for example contrasting handbags or shoes.

Do not forget to collect the hair in hairstyle or make special styling, then it will be obvious that you are willing to party.

Maybe your choice will be one of these dresses?

Marni, Valentiono, Elie Saab, Mandy Coon


2. Cocktail Dress

Corporate parties, usually held too late in time and thus are equated to daily event or so-called «After Five». This may well be an informal reception for example. Therefore, the most correct decision here will be a cocktail dress, which usually does not have a very deep cleavage or gorgeous cut of the skirt, but a proportion of sexuality are present. Therefore, allowed unusual details, opening the body, may also shiny fabrics, asymmetry, neckline.

Just avoid overly romantic flowing transparent fabrics with a simple pattern and tightly closed, together, made of ordinary-looking fabric without much originality. Also, refrain from too extravagant or very fashionable style, in fact draws attention in other ways. For example, a form-fitting shape, elegant dress fabric with shine preferably as lush, garish model with multiple ruffles.

Something like that may be suitable:


Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen



3. The work party in restaurant – wear evening dress

When removed hall or premises in a restaurant choice of attire for event depends on company and workers themselves well-being, as well about evening dress code.That is where you can turn fantasy to complete, because it is a holiday will show your taste, declare oneself, to shine in the end. Do not be afraid to stand out, look for something special! For this fit an evening dress variant: a short or long version. But we must not wear splendid dress for 10,000 $, taken from a girlfriend, to impress all, if you are a beginner manager. This is not correct way to impress their superiors and colleagues, much better fit for this outfit, matched with a taste, for your figure type, a suitable color. Well-groomed appearance is also important their on fashion peak, so that there is a huge choice of models to suit every taste and budget.

Be natural at corporate parties for businesslike and extent of slightly relaxed. And this is sure to help you find a right clothes for corporate parties.


Roland Mouret, Zac Posen, Temperley London

Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan, Moscino, Burberry

Dennis Basso, Alberta Ferretti

Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti, Issa, Michael Kors


Be itself, to follow fashion and dress code, as well will be the most beautiful, relevant and cheerful at the party!

A Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!


  • Modnica on November 15, 2013 at 6:41 pm said:

    It’s difficult so that’s a simple answer, usually for a week is enough: two suits, pair of pants, skirt, case dress, a jacket and a few top choices, universal coat, evening dress and appropriate footwear. That’s impossible to me…

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