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What to wear to look fashionably and expensive not spending a lot of money?

What to wear to look fashionably and expensive not spending a lot of money?

The majority of women quite often give a thought: how not to ruin family budget and look stylishly according to fashion? It’s pretty easy to look fashionably and expensive, not spending a lot of money on clothes, all you have to do is to follow seven simple rules.

Seven simple rules:

1. Creating your wardrobe, draw attention to every new piece of clothes. It is necessary to define in the first place what the new piece of clothes will be intended for. Where you going to put these clothes on, in what situations it will be appropriate? Don’t be afraid to spend your time and forces on the search of necessary thing. Take it slow with purchase; don’t rush to buy first thing you liked. Hold up and go back home to think whether you want to buy this thing or not, and do not hesitate to take some clothes from home to the shop to try them on and figure out and make sure this piece of clothes is suitable for you.


2. Bank on the things which will mesh perfectly with your wardrobe, try to create a base of clothes. For example, pay attention to a sheath dress with half-fitting cut in classical colors. Having bought it in expensive and qualitative shop, all you will have to do is swap your footwear, accessories and combine it with not-so-expensive tops, jackets and blouses, that’s how you create 10 more stylish complete sets.


3. Try to visit as much trendy boutiques as possible, also try to find out what last fashionable tendencies are, compare them with your appearance. It will give you a precise concept about what indeed looks good on you. Having bought one expensive piece of clothes that perfectly matches your wardrobe, you can use it as often as you want. And for good reason people say: “We are not that rich to buy cheap clothes!”



4. Wishing to save more on clothes, choose a neutral thing and ring the changes with the help of accessories. In fact same old outfit can look in a new light if you add, for example, expensive fashionable scarf, beautiful stylish shoes or trendy leather bag. When purchasing accessories, we suggest you check they match different clothes and harmonize with the full image.


5. Make sure each and every piece of clothes you buy is important for you, therefore each purchase you make should be foreseen. Best way is to buy one stylish but universal piece of clothes. For example, if you decide to buy fashionable pleated skirt of average length, it will be easy for you to wear it both to the office, and to the club.

6. Make sure you pay attention to color trends of new season, having bought one expensive bright piece of clothes from a collection of fashion designer and having thought over complete sets with it, trust us you will save on purchasing plenty of useless things.

7. If you adhere to classics, it’ll be much easier to dress “expensive”. The suit from a qualitative fabric and of your type of color can serve more than one season, just keep updating your accessories and you will be always on the peak of fashion.


As you can see it’s easy to dress “expensively”, you just have to:

  • Appreciate and respect each thing you buy
  • Buy only things that look good on you
  • Think out your wardrobe meticulously
  • Love yourself and know that you are worth buying the best clothes only
  • Be neat, tidy, and clean.

Have a good time buying new clothes!

Yana Fomina for “Gorod Mod” Magazine

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