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What to wear with a black jacket?

Black things are universal, they can be combined of them different colors clothing, not being afraid to look too simple. Black jacket, like a little black dress should be in the every woman’s wardrobe, so says the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, wearing a black jacket by CHANEL at celebrities in his new photo exhibition. Here, of course with the designer can agree or not, but watching how differently can watch regular black jacket, want to create your own individual image, to look at it is fashionable, modern, dynamic, stylish.


Black jacket  – make up fashion sets
Jacket can look quite boring and ordinary, if wearing a suit with black trousers or a skirt. However, if you a little to dream, try to stand out from the crowd, it is possible to pick up a costume bright color shirt and shoes , to add a third color (belt, scarf and handbag).


If you go to a cocktail party in the jacket that conjures nostalgia, should add some fun colorful ornaments that attract attention.
Girls who can boast of long shapely legs you can wear it with classic shorts in a fine stripes, denim shorts or a mini skirt, adding a set of light shoes, ankle boots or boots of the high heels. This dress will look impressive and memorable.

For black jacket are perfect jeans, preferably bright blue, black with white ornament blouse, complete with white shoes. In this dress you can go for a walk, to the business meeting in the cafe and look elegant, fresh, creative. For those who like something brighter, you can experiment with skirts of the bright colors or bright tops. Stunning looks bright very brief skirt and black jacket buttoned, worn on the corset.
Despite the need for compliance with the dress code, women always want to look a little more romantic, creative. Strict dress up, you can refresh and revitalize blouses unusual cut. No ban of a black jacket, wearing a bright scarf or shawl, except that it is very fashionable, but also incredibly beautiful.


Among the variety of the styles of jackets is best to choose a more feminine cut. Fashion designers offer the choice of jackets with wide belts, accentuate a waist, with unusual buttons, cuffs, lapels. Tailor-made jackets give more fragility and tenderness of the subtle girls, especially in combination of the footwear heels.


Especially feminine black jacket look together with knitted things. Soft, slinky jersey figure emphasizes feminine curves, and jacket add to the image of elegance, refinement and composure. Here are ideal long or short skirts model knitwear, dresses, pants, tops, sweaters.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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