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What to wear with green?

What to wear with green?

One of the trendy colors in last few seasons is green and it is different, including the lush and deep shades: emerald, malachite, green, grass, marsh. Each bright color requires special attention, therefore its companion color should be chosen very carefully.The green is successful, modest and flamboyant combination, when choosing of which should be considered a color type of appearance: spring, summer, autumn, winter, their own preferences and fashion trends. Green has always been a favorite color of redheads, and in fact it is very suitable to them, therefore, sandals, shoes or boots, jacket or handbag red leather perfectly fit into the set of the green: dress, skirt, pants or jacket.

Looks bright orange and green, but the most fashionable can be called a combination of three colors: green, red and blue. All the rest – business equipment, color may occupy different percentages in the suit, the principal can be any of the three. Latest fashion trends do not exclude presence of a fourth color, but only in very small amounts. Note that things are better in tune with each other, if they have something in common, such as a set of dresses with green design and monochrome green coat. Modest and elegant solution would be a combination of green and white and black colors, and outrageous – with violet, purple and turquoise.

Shoes to wear with green dress

Bright green dress perfectly combined with yellow, white and coral shades in shoes, outerwear and accessories. To a dark green dress boldly try to trim black and burgundy color, and things with leopard print. Do not wear a green dress with a green jacket – as a result you get the effect of “smearing” of the image and will not produce the desired impression.
Shoes to the green dress you can to wear in the color of the jacket or opt for the classic – black shoes, all the other colors of shoes needs to be combined with the details of costume.

Make up with green dress

Do not forget the make-up. Under your dress ideal green, pastel and coral shade lipstick is best to choose a bright red or pale pink. Can be used to shadow various shades of green, make natural makeup or repeat the colors in make-up accessories.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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