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What to wear with oxford shoes?

Oxfordshoes perhaps do not look as gracefully as high-heel footwear, but nevertheless they are elegant enough for female legs. These are convenient laconic classical style shoes with lace, smoothly pointed nose and beautiful furnish; they look ideally both on women of middle age, who prefer convenient and comfortable footwear, and on young persons who prefer minis, skinny-jeans and shapeless vests.

That’s why it’s not surprising all the fashion designers are so much interested in oxfords; in fashion collections there are not only classical black-and-white shoes from glossy leather, but also very eccentric models of bright colors, as well as shoes from suede and nubuck.

What to wear with oxford shoes?

It depends on the furnish of shoes; varnished shoes are more preferential for parties, glossy ones and the ones from suede – for a daily wardrobe.

Its possible to wear oxford shoes even with an evening dress, but classical version will be a combination of shoes with short narrow trousers and a pair of usual low socks.


In fact that’s how the students of theUniversityofGBwore them while visiting lectures; and this combination is the most often seen in a female fashion.

Girls should add white shirt, jacket, and fedora hat to complete set.

Second most widespread version for wearing oxford shoes are jeans, but you have to fold back them to show your elegant anklebones. You don’t have to complete this set with socks, all you have to do is put flimsy shirt, light scarf, and a cardigan on and the set is complete.


Take either short fitted dress or short skirt, top and thin socks, and the set is complete, just add large accessories – and you’re ready for party in the club with your friends.

Such fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana suggest carrying oxford shoes with trouser-suit in a man’s style with a broad-shouldered jacket and banana-trousers.


Choose capris with cuffs, wide tie and elegant handbag decorated with paillettes and sequins, as well as large accessories in the shape of stars – that’s how you create a holiday outfit with elements of disco-style.

Dark colors, shine of paillettes, elegant man’s clothes and solidity of oxford shoes create impudent, expensive and glamouros image. Wearing those any lady on any party has to have a well-groomed stylish metrosexual near by her. Her boyfriend can also wear oxfords – they can create a fine tandem somewhere in a club in St-Petersburg, but in this case girl should wear short fitting dress, and boy should wear a suit or a jacket with jeans.


Yana Fomina for “Gorod Mod” Magazine

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