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What to wear with tweed jacket?

Tweed jacket – like all inventions legendary Coco Chanel earned a strong reputation one of the most classic, most elegant and most versatile items. He also has a lot of unique, but they all are beautiful. Although a tweed jacket in the Chanel style is originally part of a complete two-piece suit, ladies from all worlds over prefer to mix it more often with tight jeans, ankle boots, knit shirt and big, roomy bag. Even such a cult thing as a Chanel original jacket , looks simply and naturally in usual context of street fashion. Chic not with claims – especially with tandem of denim things.


Like any other jacket, it perfectly complements pants and skirt, slinky dress and light maxi skirt. But unlike other types of costume jackets, tweed effect creates instant perfectly assembled image and from the first second is seen as the focus of the image.
Tweed jacket synonyms are a good taste and elegant, sleek style with a touch of the classics.
Very name Chanel, which made tweed jacket, is truly a legendary women’s wardrobe thing is associated with perfect taste, minimalism, and gentle elegance, veil of glamour and femininity to the point in a strong masculine image game.



Another important part of the wardrobe of all time could be some sort of accessory from Chanel. It’s significant attribute of aesthetics: necklaces, earrings and brooches. Large brooch from the Chanel or just in the Chanel style, recommend decorating not only tweed jacket, but in general, any outer clothing – in the twinkling an eye it becomes a subject of admiration and media shine.


Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you a thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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