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White pants and white shirt (21 photos) – Fashion sets and celebrity style

Fashion – a capricious lady, who always changing tastes: a fashionable strict silhouettes or romantic elegance, a lush color  or monochrome. But classic is always the same: for example, the summer white pants or white shirt. These things in no time and are often worn together. But how can observe all the canons of modern fashion and make this tandem for fashionable?

Try to understand, what to determines the success of this sets of clothes.

1. Style, silhouette, shades of white color

Especially is important a things style and shade. Their successful combination depends on the quality of fabric and silhouette. Thin fabric perfectly in tune with dense: silk and wool, tight cotton and satin, velvet and chiffon. Things also do not have to argue with each other. For example, slacks and a free cut blouse together will look too baggy. Better one of the things, in this case, will be a slim silhouette.


2. Contrasting colorful accessories and bright elements of clothing

Combination of white shirt and  pants some consider boring and adds contrast. It can be a bright scarf or handbag, jacket or contrasting color shoes. White set of trousers and shirt is an excellent background for bright accessories. And the way changing them each time you can look original.


3. Layering, celebrities style, tradition and fashion

For traditional here can be considered white pantsuits triple, worn over shirt jacket or coat, as the final element of the multi-layered set. In any event, now in vogue multi-layering, white color and classic wardrobe items. This suit look expensive and elegant in classical performance, if worn their with brown leather shoes and accessories, well as with gold accessories or decorations.

Two of these fashion items now can be worn in one set, combines modern style and vintage,as so do celebrities. Besides designers, knowing the weakness of celebrities to white trousers and shirts, offer their beautiful designer creations.





































In a white fashion now: lace inserts, ruffles on shirts and other items cut, flared pants, direct and close-fitting shirt, model outwards, narrow and short pants.
































Selects white pants and a shirt, made of high quality fabric, as you will be noticeable, but wrinkled clothes has not to graced any one. And by the way the white color of hope, renewal, purity, and attraction to him indicates that you are ready for change, new life and approve of myself. If it is about you that the white parts of designer collections just for you!

Gorod Mod Magazine wishes you thoughtful shopping for your wardrobe!

Author Yana Fomina

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