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Women fashion belts 2012/2013

As the fashion is created not by one fashion designer, the choice of belts in each season is wide enough and will satisfy everyone who have decided to put fashionable accent on a waist in the forthcoming season. For this reason, it is necessary take care of individual choice which will generate effective image.
Belts love all the women, in fact belts decorate fragile and elegant figure, as well as emphasize elegance of a female image. For this reason, fashion designers use this detail so often in the collections.
Belts 2012-2013 first of all are “called up” to finish fashionable image, and sometimes to create it. Let’s have a look and find out what do designers think on that score.
The belt of flickering metal materials will be one of the main-est hits of this period. It is made of material which has an effect of metalization with bronze, with gold or silver outflow. This accessory is presented both in thin and in wide execution; absence of expressed buckle is also important.

The wide belt is also up-to-date, and it should be worn with dress or skirt, as well as with fur coat or coat. Pay attention to the novelty of season – wide belts without buckle that creates an effect of corset. Fashion gurus recommend to wear narrow belts, having wrapped up them twice around the waist. They will look perfect with evening dresses and sheath dresses.

The belt with ‘bow’-buckle is a sign of romanticism of a nature and will look good on especially womanly fashionistas. In fashion are also narrow leather belts with small bow, as well as versions from a fabric with large grandiose bow.

Up-to-date are belts embroidered by gold strings, decorated by metal buckle or stones. Among appreciable models on a podium it was possible to contemplate belts-laces with classical buckle and bow-buckle.

Any outfit of office style will look good with belts of average width without special ornaments.
In a fashion are refined belts-chains with flower ornaments, stones and trinkets.

Does not pass passion of fashionable designers to embodiment of natural, animal theme. Models of belts in which faces of predators are represented, look eccentric and edgy. As a result, it is possible without effort to designate the eccentric nature and desire to stand out. 

As to colors, the lead positions take metalized ones. Besides classical colors are also in fashion: white, gray, beige, dark blue, and black. Favorites are: mustard and other natural shades.

By the way, this season belts should be worn where it is intended to be, namely on a waistband. Thin belts and belts of average size are preferred. But concerning color there are fashionable nuances:
1. Belt can repeat the color of trousers
2. Choose it so that its color is the same as the color of clothes or footwear
3. Choose neutral tones

Now all you have to do is find a right place for your new strap or belt.

Yana Fomina for Gorod Mod Magazine

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