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Young women dresses 2013

Creating the youth image in 2013, you must first select a style, which is not only in tune with your appearance, but also supports the general season fashion trends. There are a few basic things, which designers are paying more attention, this is: pants, skirts, jackets and dresses. Latter usually to given not one’s role wardrobe: cocktail, evening, everyday. Here, young women are allowed to break etiquette rules of different life situations, using same dress in different roles. Brash, sexy, business, modest, romantic – all these images are perfectly complements today’s youth everyday dress. And that’s as it should be, trying to find answers in designer collections!

Young women dresses 2013 in retro style

Retro stylized emphasis creates on one of important components. This can be a magnificent ruffled skirt 30’s style, trapeze dress from the 60’s, or synthetic, simple cut from the 70’s. A special attention in the year 2013 should be paid to short A-line dress with a detachable waist and pleats at the waist.
So, the youth retro – is primarily flirty dresses of bright colors, vintage models of the unusual modern fabrics, well as dress, styled a certain era.

Young women dresses 2013: bright colors, geometric prints, floral design, unusual decoration
Color is perhaps one of the main emphases of youth fashion 2013: blue, cyan, magenta, pink, green, red, purple… Of actual prints: flowers, graphics, animal prints. This season models made in bright saturated tissues, characterized by a lack of decorative details, unusual decoration or complex cut.
Bright dress 2013 is model of simple, short style. In fashion now also models with unusual decorative details in form of bow, ruffles details, various cuts and clasps. In addition, to make your style originality and extravagance helps asymmetric edge or cut.
Young women, who prefer elegant style, should give preference to the bright one-color case-dress, black mini dress, made of jersey or light wool fabric.

Young women sports style dresses 2013

This type of dress is suitable prefer of style Casual, a free easy cut, lightweight knitted and cotton fabrics, well as pastel colors. Sports models in 2013 made in neutral or bright colors. White, gray, blue, green, magenta, yellow – all shades of these colors were the main in sport dresses collections.
Material mainly knits, length – mini. This style is suitable for sports addition girls and often requires a special accessory desirable: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lightweight shoulder bag.


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