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Youth Casual style 2013 from Japanese brand Uniqlo

Casual in pastel tones – so to describe the new spring summer 2013 collection from the Japanese brand Uniqlo, which produces clothes for young people. This brand has quickly gained popularity and stormed in the U.S. market, because casual wardrobe is the basis of most Americans. Meet on the street a young man in a denim jacket and wide cotton shorts are more likely to example in San Francisco, than on the streets of Paris.

But, all the same youth Casual is popular not only in the U.S., it is worn in many parts of the world, and youth Casual is the most widespread.


But back to the new collection of Uniqlo and look at, of what constitutes the main wardrobe base of boys and girls in the opinion of brands designer. Classic summer Casual style are: beach shorts with stripes, shirts “Polo” of the delicate colors, cotton hats and dresses with flower print, windbreakers and denim jackets, waistcoats and shirts in a cage, cotton trousers and denim jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts of lightweight jersey.


As for the color gamut collection, here is preferred pastel palette, the colors look slightly bleached and even faded: purple, lilac, lemon, color flamingos, color of new grass, blue, khaki, gray, blue, cornflower blue, pink. It should be noted that all clothing sewed to Japanese standards of quality and comfort exacting, that in everyday style play not unimportant role.Therefore, both female and male parts of the collection look the same flawless,  comfortable and soft.


Promotional photos are made without any «fashion» staggering models poses, it looks as if the friends coming together to make some general and portrait  photos. That’s the brand essence, working in everyday style – no need to invent a special fashionable image.

It’s simple and clear.

Commit thought out shopping for your wardrobe!

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