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  In 1992, as a clock in the Company's production base in Dongguan City began a start, after 20 years, it is because with the support of all levels of government in Dongguan City, even many partners of strong cooperation between Japan and China This company was possible to achieve today's results.
  Now, the company initially manufactured at the clock on the basis, along with the expansion of the automotive parts industry and products in the field of precision optics, the company as an owner from design and production of precision molds, the various products of injection molding, painting, the comprehensive production capacity of printing and finished assembly factories in different fields have been highly praised and recognized. It is particularly worth mentioning is that clock as the backbone industry, but also has a world-renowned reputation.
  Of course, the support and close cooperation of all the achievements we have made are long-standing and aspects are inseparable, and we express our sincere thanks. In order to adapt along with the rapid development of Chinese economy and the globalization brought diverse needs, we will strengthen productivity as a key work in the continuous improvement of production efficiency, in 2011 we achieved a wholly-owned enterprise restructuring, thereby opportunity, not only in the clock industry, in electronics, precision optics products, and other areas in which we all will enable a higher level of competitiveness of enterprises, by further improving customer satisfaction and thus ultimately expand the business scope.
  The development of enterprises depends on the talent, we strive to cultivate "Everyone involved," the corporate culture, both inside and outside the company, to fully understand the importance of interpersonal communication with each other, caring staff, harmonious society, protection of the environment of the corporate culture, is productive There are basic credit value of the product, we will gradually be this good corporate culture into reality.

  We hope to get all customers, as always, support and cooperation. Our goal is to become a leading company, to be let industry colleagues and social trust, so that a dynamic company proud of our own employees.

Apr/1992 Build up Rhythm Factory

Sales in 2014 :780百万HK$


Floor area: 28,557㎡

Building area: 41,235㎡

Company employees: 1,500名

Sole proprietorship(from August of 2011)

Has acquired ISO14001 certificate in Year of 2004

Has acquired ISO9001 certificate in Year of 2008