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Inventory of the world-famous clock tower

Bell Tower

Bell Tower is the second micro-Bo hot one protagonist, Bell Tower, built in the Ming Dynasty emperor Hongwu seventeen years (AD 1384), situated at the crossroads of East and West in the city center of Xi'an four Main Street, is the legacy of ancient China Belfry in many shapes largest, best preserved one. Bell tower built on a square base, the brick, three re-building eaves, square save the top of the form, with a total 36 meters high, 8.6 meters high base, 35.5 meters long on each side, an area of approximately 1377.4 square meters, there are stairs circled. On the eaves covered with dark green glazed tile, building paste gold painted, carved beams and painted rafters, top gilt ding, magnificent. Use it as a center of radiation of the east, south, west, north four, respectively, Ming City Wall Street and the east, south, west, north four phase.

London's Big Ben

Big Ben is another protagonist, microblogging bell longer, but the attention was not as good as "ancient clock tower", prompting a group of fans as it is an injustice ...... Big Ben Palace of Westminster chimes , a subsidiary of the British Parliament Conference Hall clock tower, built in 1859. Mounted on the Westminster parliament building east side of northbound 95 m high clock tower, clock tower surrounded by a circular clock dial with a diameter of 6.7 meters, is the traditional landmarks of London. In June 2012, the United Kingdom announced that it will London's famous landmarks, "Big Ben," the clock tower was renamed "Elizabeth Tower." Elizabeth Tower on April 10, 1858 the completion of the UK's largest bell, Big Ben artificial spring, during the session of Congress, the clock face will glow, once every hour timekeeping. When the annual summer and winter time conversion will clock stops, parts repair, exchange, bell tuning and so on.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of the city, the province of Pisa in Tuscany north of the Square of Miracles. Place on a large lawn dotted with a group of religious buildings, which are the Cathedral, Baptistery, Belfry (ie, Leaning Tower of Pisa) and the cemetery, their outer walls are milky white marble, each relatively independent but form a unified Romanesque architectural style. Leaning Tower of Pisa is located behind the cathedral. Bell tower was built in 1173, designed for vertical construction, but soon (1178), then due to the uneven ground and the soil soft and tilted after the project started in 1372 was completed, the tower tilted to the southeast.

Beijing Belfry

Clock Tower, located in Beijing's Dongcheng District Di'anmenwai Street, in the north tower, is the northernmost point in the axis of old Beijing. The site of the Center Court Yuandadu large Wanning Tianshou Temple. Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420) was built, destroyed after the fire. Qing Emperor Qianlong years (1745) reconstruction, completed twelve years. Due south to a triple bell tower door and walls connected in the door of the Qing Emperor Qianlong years (1745) reconstruction clock tower monument a pass, dragons side seat, the first monument questions the amount of "imperial reconstruction Belfry tablets", the monument is by Yang feast official said the Ministry of Shangshu Liang Jing Feng Chi poem positive book inscription, Beiyin for the Republic of fourteen years (1925) in October King join Xue Dubi book "Jingzhao Popular Education Museum in mind" inscription

Clock Tower

Clock Tower, the official name for the former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon waterfront, is part of the old Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon-Canton Railway Station. Clock Tower was completed in 1915, 1990 was declared a monument. Bell tower 44 meters high, the body from the red brick, square marble, equipped with 7-meter-high roof of a lightning rod. Belfry facing Victoria Harbour, the original has a large bell, every night, big bell chime sound can convey a few miles away, clear and melodious "harbor bells" worked in Hong Kong for a visit.

Venice bell tower

Venice bell tower stands in Piazza San Marco, from red brick on this, 98.6 meters high belfry built in the late fifteenth century, it is both ordinate the city of Venice, it is also the focus of the Plaza building complex spatial composition. Standing here, from the top overlooking the pleasant scenery can enjoy watching the lagoon city of Venice and the whole picture, even overlooking the beautiful Alps. In 1609, the great Galileo was here when the Doge of Venice Carolina (Leonardo Don) shows the telescope of his own invention. Then you must climb the ramp to the bell tower bell tower within the Ministry now has 14 lifts that can accommodate, but often have to queue. If positive the whole point, the body in the bell roof, you must be careful five loud.

Notre Dame bell tower

Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris) is a city located in central Paris, France, Sai island church building, but also Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris cathedral. Notre Dame was built in about 1163 to 1250 years, it is a Gothic architectural forms, Gothic churches of Ile de France region which is very critical of a representative of significance. Founded in 1163, the Archbishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully decided to build, the whole church completed in 1345, which lasted 180 years.

Moscow Ivan the Great bell tower

Ivan the Great bell tower 81 meters high is the highest building in the Kremlin. Built in the early 16th century, the original three, 1600 increased to five, dubbed the golden dome. From the third floor up becomes smaller, the appearance of the laminated form octahedral prism. Every facet of arched windows, equipped chime clock. 1532 ~ 1543, in the north and built four-story cube bell tower. 1624 summer, with Whitehead built 菲拉特列特 bell tower. Now it is used as the lower Kremlin museum, exhibiting gold, silver utensils and other items. All bell tower bell a total of 21, more than 30 small bell. If Ivan the Great bell tower along the stairs and on the top of the tower of the login, Moscow Panorama glance. At the foot of the bell tower there is a "bell king", who is the world's largest bell, cast in the 1930s the 18th century, the weight of more than 203 tons. Near the clock tower there is a statue of giant manufacturing in 1586 - "Cannon King", weighing 40.6 tons, diameter of 89 cm.

Mecca clock tower

The full name of "Abraj Al Bait" (Mecca Royal Clock Tower), is a landmark in Saudi Mecca region. Hotel group includes a total of seven towers, cost $ 3 billion (about 9.6 billion ringgit), there are 3,000 guest rooms and suites. The overall height of the bell tower building is 817 meters, six times Big Ben in London, just over 11 meters lower Burj Dubai, the world's second tallest building. Mecca clock tower biggest bright spot is designed by the German company made a huge clock, this 43 meters high, 45 meters wide and four-dimensional clock is the world's largest clock.

Old Dutch Church Tower of Pisa

Old Church Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of a gothic church in the center of Delft (Delft) in. Leaning Tower made of brick, tower 245 feet (74.676 meters), spire tilted 6.5 feet (1.98 meters). Leaning Tower was built in 1246, as Sheng Base Muse cathedral bell tower, the tower has ancient bell weighing 9 tons. Since the bell tower is under construction near the canal bed, leading to tilt.

Germany Bad Frankenhausen church tower

Bad Frankenhausen church was built in the 14th century, and its inclination is bigger than the church tower of Pisa in Italy. Chapel Hill is surrounded flexor Fuhuo Izawa. Bell tower about 56 meters high, the roof is the Baroque spire, the building using granite as the material. However, due to the foundation built on loose texture limestone, over many years by the Earth's gravity, the bell tower has deviated from the vertical centerline of 4.5 degrees, deviation from the east has reached about 4.27 meters, and the deviation from the recent annual average over 0.05 meters. The Leaning Tower of Pisa inclination of 3.97 degrees.